Stump Removal

Stump removal means that we simply use a specially designed machine to grind out the stump and any unwanted roots. It is a clean and efficient way to clean up your landscape or to make room for addition to your property. We can remove any stump in any type of environment; our equipment is designed to fit any where.

Do I Need a Tree Stump Removed?

Removing stumps from your yard can resolve and prevent a number of problems, whether they increase the risk of injury, pests, and disease or simply detract from the appearance of your lawn. Stump removal can be a labor and time-intensive project that is typically handled most efficiently by tree care professionals with tools and equipment that are appropriate for the task.

What Are the Benefits of Removing a Tree Stump?

Removing a tree stump can improve the health and safety of your yard by reducing the potential for fungal plant disease and removing a potential habitat for a number of pest insects. Removing stumps can also simplify mowing and other landscaping tasks and improve the overall appearance of your yard.

How Large of a Tree Stump Do I Need Removed?

Whether the roots of a small shrub or a substantial trunk from a mature tree, professionals can remove any stump safely and quickly. The tools used for the job may vary with the size and type of stump, but in most cases, professional removal is safer and more efficient than attempting the job with inadequate tools or equipment.

What Types of Tree Stump Removal Methods Exist?

Common methods for removing stumps include manual digging to remove the trunk and roots, digging and removing the stump with a skidsteer or excavator, and grinding the stump below the soil surface with a mechanical stump grinder. Here at Sussex Tree we can determine the best method for disposing of your trunk base on its size, species and condition. Learn more about solutions to tree stump removal.

How Long Does a Tree Stump Removal Take?

Just having to remove a small-diameter stump may take an hour or more by hand digging, a half-hour with an excavator, and 15 minutes with a stump grinder. Large stumps may take an hour or more with an excavator and several hours with a grinder. The time needed for your project will depend on the size, species, and condition of the stump as well as the equipment that is best suited for the task and location.

What Tools Are Required to Remove Tree Stumps?

Manual removal of stumps requires a spade, landscape bar and saw, while mechanical methods involve large or specialized machinery. Excavators and skidsteers can provide efficient service for a number of stumps in one location, but can cause damage to finished lawns and landscaping. Stump grinders make less of an impact on your yard than larger machines, but may leave roots behind. Sussex Tree can evaluate your job to decide what method and equipment is appropriate and most effective.

Do Tree Stump Removals Have Any Hidden Charges?

Sussex Tree may price your job based on the size of a single stump, the number of stumps, or by the hour for clearing a large area. Additional charges may apply for the removal of debris, or for grinding in rocky soil, which can damage equipment. Be sure to discuss with us what services are most appropriate for your projects and whether they are included in your pricing.

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