Tree Disease and Treatments

A tree disease diagnosis begins with a thorough inspection of your landscape by an certified arborist. During the inspection the our arborists will be able to the health of your trees and shrubs, identify specific diseases, and recommend any needed treatments to preserve the health of your overall landscape. Sussex Tree’s ability to quickly diagnose and treat specific tree diseases comes from over 20 years experience, constant training, and state of the art equipment that will help your investment achieve optimal results.

Most tree diseases are caused by fungi that are prevalent in the spring and early summer when the weather is rainy. Foliar tree disease treatments are designed to maximize the health and beauty of your landscape and to protect your valuable evergreen and deciduous from damage.

If you are unsure what is damaging your trees or you notice any type of leaf or twig dieback you should have a certified arborist inspect your property. If a problem is detected and treated early on it is much less costly and there is a greater chance that sustains little damage. In most cases homeowners that wait to long to have to spend greater amounts of money in treating a tree later or actually losing the tree.

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COVID-19 Update

Sussex Tree is open and operational under the State of Delaware and Maryland’s classification of an “essential” business. We want our customers to know we will respond in the case of both general services and emergency for tree removal services. 

We are prepared to safely service the community and are providing easy access to handwashing stations and sanitizers and can enforce social distancing using our state-of-the-art equipment. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at 302-227-1980. We join the rest of the state in reducing the risks of COVID-19 and helping to keep all in our service area healthy and safe.

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