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5 Tips to Maximize Your Curb Appeal

a house with landscaping and trees in front of it

Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or simply sprucing up the front yard this spring, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to making your lawn more attractive! No one wants to waste time or money investing in fruitless efforts with minimal return. Sussex Tree has the tips you need to maximize your home’s curb appeal! 

  1. Segment the Yard
    Mulch or enclose areas of garden beds and shrubs to distinguish them from the rest of the lawn. This will give an organized and intentional look to the front yard, and can help with drainage. Sussex Tree also offers hardscaping services, such as adding brick, paved pathways, or retaining walls, which give both functional and aesthetic appeal. 
  2. Add Focal Points
    Choose plants or shrubs of varying heights to add visual interest or patterns. Consider adding plants of multiple colors, such as pairing small trees or bushes that are green for most of the year with more vibrant blooming plants or palms that are both green and sandy brown throughout the seasons. For design or installation help, contact Sussex Tree.
  3. Treat the Grass
    Ensure your lawn is green and healthy looking by feeding it with fertilizer and treating it for weeds or other pests. Sussex Tree offers plant health care services in addition to mulching, mowing, and landscape design.
  4. Prune Existing Plants
    If you aren’t sure what to add, start with pruning or cleaning up what already exists. Maintaining your tree and plant health care, as well as spotting issues early, can help you save money in the long term and protect your home from damage. If you need ideas for your landscape or some extra muscle for pruning, call Sussex Tree.
  5. Remove Stumps and Dead Trees
    While they may seem harmless, old stumps pose a risk to your yard and they are a huge eyesore. Sussex Tree has the equipment to grind away any stump in almost any condition. Removal will expand the usable space, prevent pests such as fungus or termites from taking over, and decrease the possibility of injury in your yard. It takes time and investment to regrow grass, so it’s best to remove the dead tree, stump, or root system as soon as possible. 

Sussex Tree is here to help with all your lawn maintenance needs and to consult on your ideas to improve the curb appeal of your home. Contact us today for a free consultation!