DELAWARE'S Only Family-owned Accredited Company

Community and Commercial Management Programs

Let Sussex Tree, Inc. provide the professional services you are looking for to ensure homeowners, tenants, and clients are completely satisfied. With over 35 years in business and an impeccable reputation, we can take care of all your needs from grass roots to tree tops.

While every situation/community will be tailored to your exact needs, here are just a few services provided:

  • Identify to remove dead hazardous limbs over structures or pedestrian areas
  • Yearly ornamental tree/shrub pruning
  • Removing low limbs over pedestrian areas, roads, streets
  • Identify any plant health care issues throughout communities.
  • Where removals take place, make suggestions on appropriate replacements, which we can provide and install
  • Help newer communities develop tree maintenance budgets which is often overlooked
  • We provide yearly inspections of communities and provide written reports with our findings, free of charge. This is done with an ISA-certified arborist
  • Pruning to help maintain trees at community height restrictions in order to maintain residents’ view of the water