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Why Hire Sussex Tree?

Our equipment allows us to do the work on your property quicker, typically for less cost all while minimizing the time you have us on your property. How? Our investment in technology allows some of our machinery to do the job with less manpower in a fraction of the time.

For tree removal services, plant care, and landscaping in Delaware or Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Sussex Tree is the best option around! Why choose us over anyone else? Here are the top reasons why clients choose Sussex Tree and stick with us for all of their landscaping and lawn care needs.

Efficiency: Sussex Tree has state-of-the-art equipment that gets the job done as efficiently as possible! For example, our Altec Heartland 225 Grapple Saw Truck was custom made for Sussex Tree and reduces manpower needed, replacing it with a remote that operates the grapple saw attachment. This not only helps Sussex Tree do more for its customers in less time, but it also helps improve safety and increase the effectiveness of our staff. Efficiency is job-specific, but in general, we are able to outperform anyone else regarding time frame due to our investment in all of our equipment.

Maintenance of the Home: A concern for many clients is the impact that equipment will have on the rest of the yard. Sussex Tree’s efficiency provides far less damage to your property and keeps that as one of our top priorities. Impact mats (think of plastic plywood) are used on all turf lawns to help provide protection. Each crew carries roughly 30 mats (each is 8’ long) with them at all times. We also lay plywood over sensitive paved areas like concrete driveways if necessary. Sussex Tree also owns its own cranes to lift equipment into your yard and prevent damage from transportation.

Timely: As we stated before, efficiency is everything. We have a large staff and excellent equipment that complete the task as quickly and efficiently as possible. Plus, Sussex Tree services are always fairly priced and offer the best service. You always get above and beyond your money’s worth in a timely manner!

Delaware’s ONLY Family-Owned TCIA Accredited Business: Our staff go the extra mile with education and training to provide the best services possible. Sussex Tree staff consists of certified arborists, equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide the best care plan possible for your trees. To achieve this accreditation, the company underwent extensive reviews of our professional practices including consumer satisfaction, formal employee training, compliance with industry standards, adherence to safety/quality standards, insurance coverage, and more.