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Sussex Crane, a division of Sussex Tree services, offers a wide range of crane services.  We specialize in tree work, truss setting, steel erection, HVAC unit lifting, and other general crane services.

With a staff with over 50 years of experience, you can trust we will get your crane job done correctly and safely.  Our cranes offer 3-45 ton capacities to handle your large-scale needs.

Sussex Crane is ready to tackle any type of project you have. Our cranes are exempt from DOT permit requirements, allowing us to respond quickly to any emergency situation.

Sussex Tree

Tree Work
Our base business, Sussex Tree, offers many tree services.  Our cranes are a welcome addition to help with heavier and larger trees that require more manpower than just our staff.


Pre-manufactured Trusses
Many new homes built in America use manufactured roof trusses to frame the roof. Prefabricated trusses replace the rafters and ceiling joists used in conventional framing. We offer cranes that can handle lifting pre-manufactured trusses for your home-building needs.


Structural Steel
We have a complete and competent staff to service your crane rental needs in all aspects of structural steel industries. Our team will work tirelessly to bring value to your project.


HVAC Units
We offer our services to help HVAC companies lift industrial HVAC Units easily and safely for all of your project for your commercial and industrial clients.


Parking Lot Lighting
Sussex Crane offers a “fixed” 2-man basket because we know that safety is of utmost importance when installing and fixing parking lot lighting.

General Crane Services

Sussex Crane is here to help you with all of your personal and professional crane service needs in Sussex County, Delaware, Salisbury, MD, and all along the Maryland and Delaware Eastern Shore. Feel free to ask us more about our rates and directly at 302-956-6913 or through our contact form.

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