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Plant Health Care

PHC is a holistic approach to plant care that focuses on health and growth of plants. PHC is taking care of your plants properly. PHC is a practical solution for property owners to offer their plants to prevent them from being taken over by insects, diseases, and environmental stress. All of our technicians are “Certified Pesticide Applicators” & “Arbor Jet Certified Applicators.”



Why do I need Plant Health Care?

Dead branches, early leaf dropping, discolored leaves, and insect activity are all signs of problems. Sussex Tree, Inc. Plant Health Care Program is the solution. Some issues are minor and some are more complex, but both are treatable with preventative care. If action is taken, PHC can save a LOT of money in maintaining your property and adding value to your home. If the problem is left untreated for a long period of time and cannot be helped, removal may be the only option. For this reason, PHC is key to preserving landscape.

What’s the Plan?

Our team of Arborists at Sussex Tree, Inc. will customize a PHC Program to accommodate your property’s exact needs. The objective is simple: To maintain and improve your landscape’s health and appearance. Using the most cost-effective and environmentally sensitive practices and treatments available PHC will ensure the vitality of your landscape. The program will involve routine monitoring of your property, preventive treatments, and a great working relationship between the Arborist and you, the property owner!

Wait! Why Plant Health Care not Tree Health Care?

YES, that’s right! Its not all about the trees. Even though they are the dominant ornamental feature on your property, they share this habitat with shrubs, and other plants. The soil is the common life force to both plants and trees. The roots of a mature tree can extend far and wide into your flower beds. Therefore any treatment must address the environment as a whole. Understanding this key factor, it is clear that every treatment applied to the trees, such as pruning and fertilizing can impact the vitality and appearance of your underlying plants and shrubs. This also works conversely. Applied treatments must take this into consideration in any plan. Our goal is simple: A cohesive plan for your entire property!

Why use Sussex Tree, Inc.?

Serving Delaware for over 29 years, Sussex Tree, Inc. has the experience and training to detect many landscape problems before they become hazardous andlife-threatening. We make it our priority to protect your investment and give you that curb appeal you have always wanted. Our team will provide tree and shrub recommendations, such as selection and placement to help prevent future issues from occurring. Our Certified Arborists pride themselves in being educated in all elements of care when it comes to your landscape and truly enjoy providing care and solutions. Customer service is our top priority and our reputation is impeccable. We will always treat your property as though it was our own!

What does our program cover?

Each client has different landscape objectives, so each program must be customized to maximize results. First, our program includes monitoring existing tree and shrub health to detect issues. We will manage any problems before becoming more serious. This process involves monthly visits to your property to inspect and treat. Our technicians are certified and trained to evaluate and treat your trees on the spot with each visit including during the initial evaluation process. That’s right, there is no wait! Second, we offer seasonal fertilization and preventive insecticide treatments needed to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and free of insects. Note: The monitoring frequency and complexity of your PHC program depends on the size and diversity of your landscape and particular landscape goals.

What will a PHC program cost?

Each program is customized based on the individual property and objectives. Once we visit and assess a particular landscapes we will provide a detailed quote. PHC pricing is based on a yearly program and has an annual fee. Any additional treatments required during the season are covered! Whether it be your primary or secondary home, rental property or commercial property, you can have the peace of mind that your investment is in good hands! Note: Programs can be designed to fit all budgets and needs.