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Best Time to Plant Trees in Sussex County, DE

a grassy field with trees and bushes in the background

As the fall season begins in September with crisp air and fall colors, it’s not only a gorgeous time of year but also the best time to plant trees in Sussex County, DE. Caring for your yard is a big task, and Sussex Tree is here to help! Visit Sussex Tree today to learn more about our services and promotions.

Why You Should Plant Trees in the Fall

Traditionally, spring is the usual time to garden, but professionals know that the time between September and November is perfect for landscaping projects. If you’re considering adding new trees to your property, here are the reasons below. Reach out to our Sussex Tree team for additional landscaping advice!

Plan Ahead

The fall is an excellent time to assess your yard for potential planting locations. Planning and visualizing your outdoor space in the spring can be challenging before plants have reached their full size. In the fall, you can see where you might need to remove certain plants and add additional trees and shrubs to fill empty spaces.

Fall Appeal

When you pick out plants this time of year, you can see the colorful foliage as the leaves turn to shades of red, yellow, orange, and even purple. Some trees will have added interest, like nuts or berries. Planting for fall gives your landscape year-round interest with the incredible range of beautiful autumn colors.

Optimal Planting Time

As temperatures drop and days shorten, the tree focuses its energy on establishing its roots, giving it an advantage for the following spring. Newly planted trees in the fall still require water but are less maintenance than when grown in the hot, dry summer months. Trees planted in autumn are typically stronger and healthier the following year, having had time to establish and develop strong tree roots, which are essential to a tree’s growth. 

Heat and Drought Tolerance

Summer in Sussex County can stress plants, and it can take twice as much work to establish plants in the hot weather. Trees planted in the fall won’t require as much watering, and they’ll also focus on root growth, giving them a head start to next year’s growing season. 

When you take the opportunity to landscape in the fall, you give your yard a jumpstart to the spring. Removing and planting trees is a big task. Need help this fall with fall landscaping? Contact Sussex Tree for maintenance and tree trimming services. Get a free quote or contact STI Landscaping at 302-645-6262.