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Do You Need Emergency Tree Removal?

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Do you think you need emergency tree removal? Sometimes it can be tricky to tell whether or not our trees are in good condition. That’s why our certified arborists at Sussex Tree are here to help with some tell-tale signs that your tree may need to be removed. At the very least, it’s a good idea to have a professional look them over and evaluate the tree’s health if you suspect something is wrong.

Signs That You May Need Emergency Tree Removal

     1. The Tree Has a Hollow Trunk

Hollow trunks might make a nice home for birds and squirrels but it’s also a sign that your tree is weakened from structural damage. Oftentimes, these cavities can be discovered when a limb falls off. A way to test for hollowness is to use a rubber mallet on the trunk and listen, but it’s usually much easier to call our local arborists who will know if the tree is healthy enough to stay.

       2. The Tree Has Dead Branches

While the occasional dead branch is normal and can easily be taken care of by tree pruning, it could be a sign of something hurting the tree. Whether it’s a disease, pests, or decay you want to remove those branches and see if it’s spread to the rest of the tree. Plus, if the fallen branches are messing up the overall structure of the tree, the whole thing may have to be removed.

      3. The Tree is Leaning

Trees can bend to one side for a variety of reasons including inclement weather, age, and structural changes to the property. This is natural for the tree, but if the lean is too hard for the rest of the tree or the surrounding property to handle, it comprises its health and stability. Contact an arborist if the tree develops a new lean or if it appears to become uprooted at all.

       4. The Tree is in a Hazardous Location

Around your home, your trees may be perfectly healthy but sometimes they can risk your safety in other ways. If the tree is in very close proximity to a house, or power lines, more efficient pruning or overall removal may be necessary. Don’t wait for a heavy storm to come to keep an eye on your trees! Be proactive and get an inspection from the professionals.

       5. The Tree is Diseased

There are many different signs of disease in trees. A common and obvious sign is fungi and mushrooms growing on the tree which can be fatal. Other symptoms of disease include wilting or discolored leaves and needles, depressions in the trunk, and stunted growth. Insect damage may leave similar signs as a disease like leaf defoliation, larva on the tree, holes, and stopped tree growth.

        6. The Tree is an Invasive Species

You could have the prettiest tree in the neighborhood but if it’s an invasive tree, it needs to be removed. They are harmful to the overall health of the landscape and disrupt the ecosystem. Check out this list of Delaware invasive species and reach out to the Sussex Tree arborists for more information.

       7. The Tree is Already Dead or Dying

If your tree is dying, it may be able to be treated and saved. If the tree is already dead, it must be removed. Signs of a dying or dead tree can include all of the items we have already listed, including other abnormalities like no leaf or bud growth during the growing seasons.


Take care of your trees and yard by staying aware of your tree’s overall health. Our team of certified arborists at Sussex Tree is here to help diagnose any issues in your landscape and will provide expert tree removal services if necessary. Contact us today!