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Hardscaping Vs. Landscaping

Gardener applying turf rolls in the backyard

At Sussex Tree, we provide a variety of services that include both hardscaping and landscaping. While these services sound similar, it’s important to know that they are entirely different, yet both are beneficial to the upkeep, health, and appearance of your yard.

We have everything you need to know about hardscaping and landscaping to help determine which services are right for you. Sussex Tree is happy to provide you with the best lawn care and yard services all over Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland!


Hardscaping involves hard-wearing materials like stone, concrete blocks, or paver, creating things such as patios, driveways, retaining walls, and more. Our highly skilled staff at STI provides full design services and installation for any hardscaping needs. There are many projects that can be completed in regards to hardscaping your property.

Most households utilize hardscaping for convenience and overall accessibility to their home. For example, a house entrance may need a driveway leading up to it, and an outdoor pool needs proper decking nearby to prevent water absorption. Also, hardscaping structures can help protect the integrity of your yard from everyday wear and tear. The possibilities are endless with Sussex Tree! 


Landscaping is a more general term that can include all of hardscaping and what can be referred to as softscaping. Softscape is any element in the yard that doesn’t have as much of a permanent quality as hardscape. This can include the soil, plants, trees, lawn, flowers, and aesthetic elements of that sort. 

Landscaping combines these two hardscape and softscape elements to create a pleasing, efficient, and durable outdoor space. This way, your outdoor area’s landscape is not only visually pleasing to you but also protects the property.

STI Landscape Center

The STI Landscape Center offers all of the services you need to make your dreams a reality for residential areas and commercial spaces. We offer mulching, mowing services, hardscape, material sales, and plant health care to effectively create a durable, healthy, and aesthetic yard for you to enjoy.

Contact Sussex Tree and our STI Landscape Center today for the best landscaping services around!