Why You Should Hire a Certified Arborist

man standing in large tree

Let’s face it…not everyone has the time, energy, or the expertise to maintain the trees in their yard to have their lawn looking spectacular for spring and for that reason, that’s why you should hire a Certified Arborist! The International Society of Arboriculture defines an arborist as “an individual who is trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining individual trees.” They must pass a comprehensive exam and meet educational requirements in order to keep their certification. Continuing education helps ensure the arborist is up-to-date on the latest techniques and tree-related research. When it comes to caring for your trees, why wouldn’t you want an expert doing the job?! When using Sussex Tree as your landscaping company, your trees will be the strongest and healthiest in the neighborhood thanks to our Certified Arborists!  

Just as you would not hire an electrician that isn’t licensed in their work, we only recommend hiring a company with at least one Certified Arborist on their staff to do your tree work. This is in the best interest of your trees! Trees are so important for so many reasons and unfortunately, there are still many companies causing irreversible damage to them by utilizing long outdated practices such as topping a tree, using climbing spikes on trees that are not being removed, or disfiguring living trees without just cause. Your tree’s deserve only the best, and at Sussex Tree we are committed to providing you with only the most excellent service.

Here at Sussex Tree we are continually pushing to have more Certified Arborists on our staff. We have many individuals on staff that act in our sales department, as spray technicians, tree crew foreman, and plant health care managers. To learn more about proper tree care, and check if someone is a Certified Arborist at any time take a look here http://www.treesaregood.org.

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