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How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh

a large group of trees in a field

Nothing beats having a live Christmas tree! The smell of pine will fill the house, putting you instantly in the Christmas spirit. But if you want it to last the entire holiday season, it’s critical to know how to keep your Christmas tree fresh.  At Sussex Tree, we have tips to help you make the most of your live Christmas tree for long-lasting memories and tree decorating traditions to come.

Tips for Christmas Tree Care & Recycling

Finding a locally grown precut Christmas tree or cutting it down yourself is the best way to ensure you get a quality tree. Top-selling trees include scotch pine, douglas fir, balsam fir, and white pine. When shopping, look for quality, and check the freshness of the trees by running your hand along the branches. If pines easily fall off in great numbers, look elsewhere.

When you buy a pre-cut tree, ask to have the bottom of the trunk cut or cut a few inches yourself when you get home. This ensures that the tree’s sap doesn’t seal the trunk and prevent it from absorbing water.

Make sure to pick a spot that isn’t close to a radiator or heating duct since this can be detrimental to your tree and dehydrate it faster. The colder the place or the temperature of the house, the better.

It is critical to keep the tree watered so that it lasts you through the holidays. Once you find the perfect spot, put it in water immediately and count on the tree drinking up to a gallon of water in the first few days. Do your best not to let the water run dry.

Now you’re ready for cookies and decorations!

Christmas Tree Recycling in Delaware

When Christmas is over, recycle your tree! Local municipalities have curbside pickup programs, usually in the first few weeks of January. Christmas trees in many states, specifically Delaware, are considered yard waste and have been banned from landfills. For a good reason too! It’s good for the environment to recycle your tree. Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources offers a Christmas tree recycling program with pickups and dropoffs; you can find more information on their site. The recycled trees are turned into mulch which is beneficial for Delmarva soil!

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