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Reasons to Remove a Tree Stump

a piece of wood that has been cut in half

So you have a tree stump left in your yard. You’re debating whether you should remove it. Maybe it adds character to your yard or has become useful. Regardless, a tree stump left over can cause issues for your lawn. 

But don’t worry! Sussex Tree has dedicated professionals ready to help assess your tree stump situation and remove it. Here are a few of the most common reasons they should be taken care of.


Leftover tree stumps are perfect spots for pests looking for a home. As the stump rots, the cozy habitat invites termites, beetles, ants, and other insects. Plus, if the stump is near your home, those termites could make their way over and cause you thousands of dollars in extermination costs. 


Usually, stumps won’t start decaying for four to seven years, but when it does, the root system and tree stump can start producing fungi and mold. This can be harmful to the health of your family as well as pets who spend time outside near the stump. The rotting infection can spread to nearby trees and plants causing issues throughout your yard. 

Curb Appeal

A yard with a leftover stump isn’t always appealing to neighbors or potential home buyers if you’re looking to sell the property. Issues with tree stumps are commonly known and others do not want to be stuck with them, especially when it starts to rot. Also, a large tree stump can be taking up space that could be better used for landscaping additions like a garden, swingset, etc.


Tree stumps can be a tripping hazard for kids playing nearby and anyone walking through the yard at night time. Lawn mowing is significantly more difficult to avoid stumps and roots while safely mowing the grass. 

If you have a tree or stump that needs removal, Sussex Tree is the place to call! We provide plant health care and tree services across Delmarva with our certified arborists. Contact us for more information today!