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John S.

I want to thank you for the work that you and your crew accomplished today. We’ve been doing spring clean-up and mulching with Sussex Tree for many, many years. It’s always good, but this time was over the top. The work was done to perfection, the clean-up was outstanding, and one crew member even dug out the landscape lights that I had failed to point out under the large oak tree. They are flush in the ground and VERY hard to see unless you know they’re there. I’ve covered them up myself when working on the bed and know how hard they are to locate once buried.

Also, the planting along the back fence turned out perfectly! The new Cherry laurels already provide vastly improved screening, and I can’t imagine how effective they’ll be in three years. “First year, sleep; second year, creep; third year, leap.” The shaping of the new beds is perfect. Can’t what it all looks like with additional laurels and Arborvitae; sorry to throw you a curve ball with changed perspective due to raising the corner tree canopies.

Finally, I really appreciate the time and care that the crew took at the outset to cut/edge all beds and get all debris out. The beds were the cleanest they’ve ever been prior to mulching. Just like painting, the excellent preparation makes a difference.

Thank you so much for your effective proposal to address our open space problem at the rear of the yard caused by the loss of three trees in the adjacent yard, as well as for the truly outstanding work that everyone did today.