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Six Tips for Spring Lawn and Landscape

Green grass with purple flowers

Our team at Sussex Tree put together six tips for Spring lawn and landscape care for homeowners preparing for the gardening season. After a long winter, we’re all ready to get back outside and enjoy our lawns and gardens. The spring brings longer days, waking the plants from winter, making it the ideal time to start working on the garden and yard.

A Seasonal Guide on Spring Lawn and Landscape Care

1. Tidy up Garden Beds

Rake old leaves and plant debris out of the garden beds that may have collected over the winter. Edge the garden beds with a spade or shovel to define where your garden meets the lawn, and add a nice touch around trees before adding mulch.

2. Tackle Weeds

Spring and Fall are the best times to apply a pre-emergent. This is a proactive way to tackle weeds before they grow and prevents future manual work or the additional use of herbicides.

3. Mulch

After cleaning up the garden beds, the next step is to add mulch. Sussex Tree carries premium dyed and natural hardwood mulch for your landscaping needs. Contact us today for pricing.

4. Clean and Tune-up Gardening Tools

Spring is one of the best times to prune trees and shrubs, so you’ll want to make sure you have clean, sharp pruners and replace any garden tools needed. Lawns will begin to grow soon, and you’ll want your lawn mower to be ready. Inspect and sharpen your lawn mower blades and see if anything needs repairing. As the weather begins to warm, inspect irrigation and replace any nozzles or hoses to prepare for watering in the warmer months.

5. Prune trees

After your cutting tools are sharpened and oiled, you can begin pruning trees and shrubs. The health of your plants is improved when you remove broken, diseased, or dead branches since it prevents any decay from affecting the life of the plant. Living branches can be cut back and thinned to improve a tree’s appearance and enhance circulation. If trees are overhanging driveways, walkways, or buildings, now is a great time to trim them. Our team at Sussex Tree can assist with pruning. We also have a trained arborist to identify which trees need maintenance or care.

6. Book Your Landscaping Services

Our calendar fills up quickly, and this is one of the best things you can do to ensure you have a lush, green lawn all season long. Sussex Tree is available to help with lawn and garden maintenance.

Sussex Tree offers premier landscape services and high-end design, installation, and maintenance for our clients in Delaware and Maryland.  Contact us at (302) 227-1980 or fill out a service form to book landscaping maintenance, design, or plant care services. Visit our website to learn about landscaping deals.