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Summer Landscaping Checklist

a garden with rocks and grass in the middle

Summer is officially here in Delaware, and it’s one of the most enjoyable seasons to spend time in the yard with family and friends. There are some things homeowners can do to care for plants in the hotter weather to extend the beauty of the lawn and garden. Our experts at Sussex Tree know a thing or two about landscaping in the summer and compiled a list of some of the best tips.

Landscaping Tips for Sussex County, DE

Keep Up With Watering

Grass and plants are resilient and can withstand the summer heat. However, it is still essential to keep up with watering. Make the most of your watering using drip irrigation instead of sprinklers and hoses. When you rely on drip irrigation, you save time and effort by watering effectively and slowly, giving ample time to absorb the water while reducing evaporation and runoff. Adjust irrigation schedules for hotter, drier weather. Try to water in the morning or evening so the sun and heat don’t steal moisture from the plants.

Continue to Care for Your Lawn

Mow and edge lawn areas. Ideally, grass should get at least one inch of water per week. In the summer, adjust the height of your mower and keep the grass a bit taller to reduce water evaporation while encouraging the grass to develop deeper roots preventing weed seeds from germinating.

Tidy Up Garden Beds and Hedges

Prune back overgrown plants to improve the appearance of the garden bed and deadhead flowering annuals and perennials to prolong their blooms and improve their appearance. Prune back overgrown hedges and shrubs as needed. If you add more to your garden beds this summer, you can select drought-tolerant plants that thrive in the hotter, drier summer months.

Stay on Top of Weeds and Pests

Garden plants can be more susceptible to diseases and pests in the hotter months. Japanese beetles can be a problem for shrubs and perennials. They can be prevented with treatments and insecticides like Bonide spray. Spraying and removing weeds a little each week saves the big headache of removing overgrown weeds that can quickly take over a yard or garden.

Hire Professionals

We know that landscaping is hard work. Our team of experts at Sussex Tree works with our clients to identify needs and provide services like design, installation, or maintenance. We have mulching services to help garden beds, and trees retain moisture and suppress weeds. If you need assistance mowing, edging, weed-eating, trimming shrubs, and low-hanging branches, we can help.

You can trust our expertise if you need landscaping services. Sussex Tree provides high-end design, installation, and maintenance! Need some help with the yard upkeep? Get a free quote or contact us by phone at 302-227-1980.