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Sussex Tree Acquires New Equipment

man operating grapple saw

Since 1987, Sussex Tree, Inc. has provided the state of Delaware with quality tree care and exceptional service. As the industry standard, Sussex Tree works hard to improve its employee’s efficiency and safety, without compromising customer satisfaction. On its constant search for state-of-the-art equipment, Sussex Tree has acquired an Altec Heartland 225 Grapple Saw Truck to improve its services and increase the safety of team members.

The Altec Heartland 225 Grapple Saw Truck is the most recent addition to the Sussex Tree family, the first to be purchased by anyone in the area surrounding Bridgeville, DE, and the Delaware Eastern Shore. The Altec Heartland 225 Grapple Saw Truck not only supplies Sussex Tree to do more for its customers in less time, but it also helps to improve the safety and increase the effectiveness of its staff.

What is a Grapple Saw? The Altec Heartland 225 Grapple Saw Truck is a remote-controlled tree removal system that is made possible by the introduction of robotics to the industry. Custom-made for Sussex Tree by Altec, 225 Grapple Saw Truck is a Heartland Freightliner truck with a knuckle boom crane, designed to make tree-work more efficient and safer. The Altec Heartland 225 Grapple Saw Truck reduces manpower needed, replacing it with a remote that operates the grapple saw attachment

How does it work? The operator will begin by setting the Heartland Freightliner truck unit near the tree that is being taken down. Then, via remote control, the grapple saw cuts and holds a branch or limb and puts it directly onto the chipper feed table. When the trunk is the only part of the tree remaining, the grapple saw can grab it and cut it into sections, then lay them in the truck’s log body.

How does it increase safety? The Altec Heartland 225 Grapple Saw Truck is operated by remote control, which allows the operator to stand away from a potentially hazardous job site. The Altec Heartland 225 Grapple Saw Truck also allows for the limbs and trunk to be put directing into the lob body, which minimizes the number of woodpiles that are laid on the ground, reducing turf damage and crew cleanup time.

Interested in learning more, or have a tree on your property that needs servicing? Contact a Team Member today for more information about how Sussex Tree, Inc. can help you.