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Sussex Tree’s 30 Year Anniversary!

Sussex Crane Company chainsawing branches off downed tree

The new year of 2017 brings Sussex Tree their 30th year anniversary as one of the largest tree service businesses on the eastern shore.

In 1986, Jeffrey Meredith Sr. lost his job as a supermarket manager. Being a father and husband, he had to make ends meet to provide food and shelter to support his family. With a love for trees Meredith Sr. started a tree service on his own. He picked up a few chainsaws, some pickup trucks, and scaling equipment to started to clear trees in the community to reduce damages to properties.

Meredith Sr.’s son, Jeffrey Meredith Jr., followed directly in his footsteps as he developed a passion for trees as well since it surrounded him on a day-to-day basis growing up. Meredith Jr. went to college, got a four year degree in construction and engineering, and proudly joined his father to help run this growing tree business—even though Meredith Jr.’s father told him it was not the easiest way to make a living, but nothing is ever easy.

Sussex Tree started on January 1, 1987 and 30 years later, they have a staff of 45 and are continuously growing. Sussex Tree offers services such as tree removal, limb trimming, tree treatments, stumbp removal, tree recycling and so much more!

2017 brings a wonderful celebration for the Meredith family giving Sussex Tree 30 years of business. This is a pure example that hard work does in fact pay off. A business that was once a one-man show is one of the most successful tree service companies in the Delmarva region.  A company like Sussex Tree wants to give a great service for their clients and customers. Their team consists of dedicated, passionate, and professional individuals that value what they can bring to the community.