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Sussex Tree’s Talented Team of Arborists

Chainsawing a downed tree

Chainsawing a downed tree

The team here at Sussex Tree Inc. values the integrity, quality, service and commitment to their clients. All of the employees at Sussex Tree Inc can proudly say that they are a part of a hardworking, dedicated and passionate team. Not only does our team strive for perfection and excellence but we maintain the professional qualities any staff should obtain.

Over the past 30 years, we’ve been able to provide our customers with quality service by serving the local community with tree services such as removals, trimming, stump removal, tree recycling and so much more. Not only do we acquire many professional qualities to assure satisfying service but our team here at Sussex Tree is made up of a 7 Certified Arborist and counting as compared to the industry Standard of 1 at most other companies.

You might ask yourself “What is an Arborist?” An arborist is basically a surgeon for trees! In order to maintain the skills and talent of an arborist, the team spends over 150 hours of classroom training per year. Not only is the team at Sussex Tree the most professional office staff on the Eastern Shore but each and every one of our arborists are certified tree safety professionals.

In order to provide the best tree services, we encourage each and every one of our employees to strive for success in any aspect throughout the company. We make sure to support each other in the office and on the job. The mission of Sussex Tree is to provide our clients with the most excellent service. We are committed to surpassing the expectations of every home owner, contractor, and municipality that we perform a service for. Every part of every job will be perfect. No exceptions.

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