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Top 10 Benefits of Planting Trees

small tree wrapped at the bottom and ready to be planted

Trees can be a beautiful addition to any home and landscape, but there are SO many more benefits to planting trees than you might think! Whether it’s environmental, social, economic, or communal, there’s so much good that comes from the trees you decide to plant. 

Planting and caring for trees is so important! As the experts at Sussex Tree, we’re here to share some of the less obvious benefits of planting trees. Many of these perks can be applied to your home and community with the right guidance and trees.

1. Trees Clean the Air

One of the most well-known benefits of planting trees is the fact that they help to clean the air. They improve air quality by collecting harmful pollutants and gases like dust, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide, trapping them in leaves and bark.

2. Provides Shade From UV Rays

If you’ve ever sought out a tree to stand under on a hot summer day, you know what this one’s about. Trees are beneficial in shading areas from UV rays. This is often implemented around playgrounds or areas where children might spend time outside to shield them from the sun. Parking lots also benefit from the shade of trees when the sun is beaming down on parked cars. 

3. Improves Landscapes

The addition of trees to a landscape can make the whole area come together. Trees are often the focal point or centerpiece of a yard, showing off their beauty for years to come. At Sussex Tree, our certified arborists are experts in landscape design and can help you find the perfect trees to add to your yard.

4. Reduces Cooling Costs

Like the shade benefits we mentioned above, well-placed trees can help to reduce cooling costs during the summer heat by shading your house from direct sunlight. This is not only beneficial to your wallet but also helps to reduce pollution emissions from cooling and heating. 

5. Provides for Wildlife

Trees provide habitats, food, and protection for local wildlife in the community. A variety of birds and mammals depend on trees, especially in developed areas where trees have been cut down for building.

6. Adds to the Value of Your Home

A well-landscaped yard with large, mature trees can increase the value of your home by as much as 10%! Many homeowners look for qualities like trees around the home for benefits like reduced cooling costs and a shaded outdoor space to enjoy.

7. Helps Reduce Runoff

Runoff can be stopped and reduced by trees both on the ground and in the sky. The spread-out leaves and branches allow water to flow down the trunk and to the absorbent ground below the tree. With mulch, trees will act like a sponge that filters this water naturally and uses it to replenish the groundwater supply.

8. Helps Prevent Erosion

Speaking of runoff, erosion can occur from runoff over time. When trees are placed on hills or slopes, water is slowed and creates less of a harsh impact on the area’s soil. The same effect can reduce flooding as well. 

9. Provide Fresh Food

While fruit trees might take a bit more work to maintain, there’s nothing better than being able to pick fresh fruit from your yard! Did you know an apple tree can produce up to 20 bushels of apples per year even with little space? While we as humans benefit from the fruit, wildlife certainly does too.

10. Combat Climate Change

Overall, trees are good for the environment. We need them. Trees absorb the excess carbon dioxide building up in the atmosphere and release oxygen back into it. Plus, trees are cost-effective! They gain value over time and are even more beneficial as they grow. 

You can’t go wrong by planting trees, but the Sussex Tree team is here to help you find the right kinds for your yard and help you maintain them over the years. Check out our tree services today and contact us for more information!