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Tree Injection


Think of it no different than a person getting a needle. When a tree is injected is at the base the chemical gets in to the xylem layer which is the vascular system of the tree and is carried through out the entire tree. This allows us as arborists to treat trees for different types of problem such as nutrient deficiencies, wood bores, funguses, and many other problems.

  • Trunk injection of trees is a way to efficiently treat many different insect and disease problems, as well as nutrient deficiencies, in a manner that limits environmental exposure. This method also uses the least amount of pesticide as compared to other conventional treatment methods.
  • Trunk injection involves using a special injection tool which places and seals the insect control directly into the trunk where it is quickly taken up by the vascular system and distributed throughout the tree.
  • Through trunk injection, small doses of insect control are carefully measured and injected directly into the tree’s transport tissues, enabling distribution within the tree, but limiting the impact to the environment.
  • The best time to treat Ash trees in the upper third of the country is from May through October when trees are most active, and water or nutrients are actively flowing in the tree. The larval (damaging) stage of EAB does its worst from August through October.
  • Injections are made in the bottom 18 inches of the tree, at intervals of around 6 inches apart. The depth for the injection is between 5/8” and 1 5/8” into the tree. A 10 inch diameter tree would receive approximately a 1.5 ounce injection for two years of protection.
  • Trunk injection formulations can take hours to weeks to move throughout the tree. Most often trees are protected within a few days.
  • Trunk injection is widely considered to be the most effective and consistent method available for preventing EAB from attacking a tree, or killing EAB in an infested tree. It can stop damage even if the tree is already under attack without harming the surrounding environment.