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Tree Removal

Tree removal is one the most dangerous parts of the tree care industry. In many cases the tree is in close proximity to homes, buildings, service lines or delicate areas. To remove a tree in such condition takes a great amount of experience, and equipment. At Sussex Tree we pride ourselves in having both. Countless time is spent training our staff and teaching them the latest techniques in rigging and removals.

Our equipment is the best in the industry. Since each removal has its own obstacles we have something for every situation, whether it be a the use of one of our two 60 ton cranes from our sister company Sussex Crane to lift a tree over a sensitive area or a miniature skid steer to fit though the smallest of gates. These are just some of the reasons that we are one of the most efficient companies in the industry.

Tree Removal is our last resort in most cases. If there is an option to save a tree, that is our goal. In the even Tree Removal is the only option, we have you covered. Tree Removal is an art that involved a great deal of problem solving and our Tree Service team combined with our state of the art equipment is the best in the game.

Here at Sussex Tree Inc., we always believe in giving the best service to our customers and when it comes to tree removal we alway want to ensure you feel comfortable with our team. We believe in various values when it comes to the work we do: integrity, quality, service, and commitment. We ensure that every job is a job well done, exceeding the customer’s expectations. Also, we focus on the expectations of all of our clients finding the best solutions that fit their needs. Not only do we carry these traits throughout the company, but we have multiple locations spread throughout the state of Delaware.

In fact, Sussex Tree offers tree services, tree care, landscaping and so much more in Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, Georgetown, Seaford, Lewes, and Milford, DE. Since Sussex Tree Inc is conveniently spread all throughout Delaware, it makes it easy to get in contact with us!

Our staff spends countless hours of training to always go above and beyond with our work! Not only do we offer a long list of different services but the team at Sussex Tree is the backbone of our success. Sussex tree has been in business for over 30 years and our staff completes over 150 classroom hours of training to guarantee quality service to our clients. We make sure the team has state of the art equipment to maintain our reputation of having the most professional office staff.

Sussex Tree holds various credentials which makes us the true tree experts in Delaware and Maryland: Certified Arborists, Maryland Tree Experts #001623, Certified Delaware Pesticide Applicators, Certified Maryland Pest Applicators, Certified Mauget Tree Injectors, Certified Abor Jet Applicators and of course, Certified Treecare Safety Professionals. We have been adding to our team of Certified Arborists over the years and we are now one of few companies in the country with numerous Certified Arborists on staff. Most in our field staff a single Certified Arbors, but Sussex Tree has over 7 currently and that increases with each year.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions you many have regarding your Tree Removal or any Tree Service. From grass roots to tree tops, Sussex Tree, Inc. has you covered.