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What Your Favorite Tree Says About You

Oak tree in a grass field

Trees are a beautiful and lifegiving part of nature that we’re lucky to have an abundance of in Maryland and Delaware. It’s common to have a favorite tree for many different reasons. Maybe they represent where you grew up, you watched one grow from just a seedling, or you just can’t help but smile when you see one standing tall. 

At Sussex Tree, our tree experts sure have their favorites. Check out the characteristics and symbolism behind some of our favorite trees to see which one resonates with you the most!


The Weeping Willow tree easily adapts to many environments and can grow very quickly, towering over other plants. However, they may require more consistent care because of the brittle nature of their wood.

Giant Sequoia: 

Giant Sequoias and Redwoods are the world’s largest and tallest trees. The Sequoia often symbolizes wellness and safety because of their ability to survive wildfires, insects, and many types of decay without human interference. 


Evergreen trees are special because of their strength to withstand heavy winter weather and the fact that they stay green throughout the year when other trees lose their leaves. Qualities associated with the evergreen tree are strength, determination, and invincibility. 


Oak trees are popular because of their resilience, unique growth pattern, and long-lasting lives. Their expansive reach and stunning leaves are representative of power, strength, and character.


The dogwood tree is another popular tree in our area. Although they appear delicate and fragile, they are able to stand strong in harsh conditions.


The resilient birch tree is sturdy and stunning year-round, symbolizing hope and new beginnings. The birch tree will be one of the first to get its leaves back after the winter so keep an eye out for the start of spring when you see them!

Keep your favorite trees looking nice and healthy all year with Sussex Tree Care Services! Contact us today to get a jump on spring lawn and tree services with our crew of professionals.