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Why Plant Health Care is Important

Although our company is called Sussex Tree, trees are only the dominant feature in your home’s landscape and the surrounding plant health can contribute directly to the tree health. Plant health care includes taking care of trees, but maintaining and improving their overall health before they’re too far gone and must be removed.

Why do you need plant health care? It’s simple—your plants are investments in your landscape and there are many benefits to having strong, healthy plants and trees in your space. Sussex Tree has a team of certified arborists and PHC specialists that are here to help. Learn more about our programs and contact us today!

Plant Health Care Programs

The certified arborists at Sussex Tree know that no two landscapes are the same. They work with you to develop a customized Plant Health Care (PHC) Program to cater to the needs of your plants. The goal is to maintain and improve the overall health and appearance of your landscape with routine monitoring, preventative treatments, and more.

Your PHC program will include monthly visits to your property to assess the health of your trees and plants. Our professionals are certified to treat diseases and use preventative measures on the spot in a timely manner. Additionally, seasonal treatments such as fertilization or insecticide are implemented throughout the year.

Your custom program based on your individual property will come with a detailed quote and pricing based on a yearly program and an annual fee. Find a Plant Health Care Program that fits your budget and take care of your landscape year round! 

Contact Sussex Tree and our certified arborists for more information about plant health care services in Maryland and Delaware.