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Tips & Techniques for Tree Removal

a man is using a chainsaw to cut down a tree dangerously

When you really stop to consider it, chopping down a tree on your own is a seriously dangerous prospect! Variables like proximity to power lines or homes, the health and age of the tree, and chainsaws strung from ropes make tree removal treacherous. Sussex Tree has your back. Check out these tips for tree removal and always know you can call us for a free consultation in the Delmarva area! 

Sussex Tree’s Guidelines for Removing a Tree

  • Try to Save the Tree First.
    Cutting down the tree should be your last resort, only happening after you prune it or attempt to treat diseases. Sussex Tree has a Plant Diagnostic Tool that can help you treat plants and trees before they die.
  • Ensure You Have the Proper Equipment.
    Every tree removal has its own obstacles and equipment needs, from axes and chainsaws to tethering ropes, wedges, and winches. Sussex Tree has ample machinery to fell the tallest of trees in complex or tight situations.

  • Estimate the Felling Zone and Clear Debris.
    It’s very important to estimate the height of the tree, which direction you want it to fall, and how much space you will need. Make sure that there are no tripping hazards and at least two escape routes for anyone assisting with removal.
  • Work With at Least One Partner.
    It’s important to have someone to help push the tree in the right direction after the initial notch is cut and wedges are placed. Too many people can be a danger, but felling a tree without a spotter is reckless. Make sure both people are on the same page about the plan.
  • Consult With Experts on Your Plan Before You Start.
    Felling a tree is a complicated task and an art form! There are many variables and obstacles to consider throughout the process. Avoid taking on a job that is more than you can handle! Sussex Tree can help.

Call Sussex Tree for Help With Removing a Tree

Tree removals take a great amount of experience and equipment, especially for trees close to homes, fences, service lines, or a neighbor’s property. At Sussex Tree, we pride ourselves in investing time training our staff, teaching the latest techniques in rigging and removals, and equipping them with the best equipment and tools for the job.

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